Insulin Resistance

Finding that weight is easy to gain and hard to lose?

It's not your fault!


The calories in, calories out approach to weight loss doesn’t consistently work for people with insulin resistance. Often people with insulin resistance blame their battle with their weight on a “slow metabolism”. The truth is their metabolism isn’t slow, its dysfunctional! The underlying issue is insulin resistance.


What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance is a condition in which the hormone that regulates blood glucose, insulin, is not working efficiently. Consequently, the pancreas has to produce a lot more insulin to regulate blood glucose. People with insulin resistance can produce as much as three to ten times more insulin than normally needed. In fact some people with insulin resistance produce so much insulin that their blood sugar levels dive way below normal – experiencing low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, which can trigger a number of symptoms including cravings for sugary or starchy foods, mental fogginess, headaches, low energy levels and fatigue.

How does it affect weight?

Insulin is the central regulator of glucose in the body, it is also a powerful muscle building and fat storing hormone. Consequently people with insulin resistance who have excess insulin floating around their body on a daily basis are constantly in ‘build and store’ mode – essentially your body loves to store fat and hates to let go of it.


Are there other consequences of Insulin Resistance?

Abnormalities resulting from insulin resistance, such as changes in glucose and lipid metabolism predispose to diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension. This cluster of medical conditions is termed insulin resistance syndrome (also known as metabolic syndrome). Other problems that may arise are fatty liver and hormonal imbalances resulting in acne, hirsutism and infertility.


What causes Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance, while influenced heavily by genetics, is exacerbated by weight gain, inactivity and a poor diet. The more overweight you are the more resistant to insulin you tend to become, if left unmanaged, it will eventually result in type 2 diabetes.


Signs you may have Insulin Resistance…
  • Distinct abdominal obesity or “tummy fat”

  • Difficulty losing body fat despite dietary and exercise compliance

  • Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), acne or menstrual irregularities

  • Family history of Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes or PCOS

  • Fluctuating energy levels

  • Sugar cravings

  • Low HDL cholesterol and/or High triglycerides


How can I help?

Having had PCOS and insulin resistance myself, I now specialise as an Insulin Resistance Dietitian and I'm always keeping up to date with latest research on the dietary and lifestyle management of Insulin Resistance and/or PCOS.


I can work with you and your doctor to find out if insulin resistance is an issue for you. If it is identified that you have insulin resistance, the good news is that at this stage, the right combination of diet, exercise, and achieving weight loss can significantly improve or even reverse the condition.


My weight loss program is tailored for those with insulin resistance and/or weight loss resistance. The program will ensure you are eating the right balance and volume of nutritious food to restore your bodies insulin sensitivity, stop the food cravings and allow you to finally start losing weight.

Weight Loss Program

+   Health, Diet & Lifestyle Assessment
+   1 x Initial Dietitian Consultation (60 - 75 minutes)
+   4 x Fortnightly Review Consultations (30 minutes each)
+   Personalised Dietary Plan
+   Tailored Education & Resources
for Insulin Resistance
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Intensive Program Upgrade

+   Health, Diet & Lifestyle Assessment
+   1 x Initial Dietitian Consultation (60 - 75 minutes)
+   8 x Review Consultations - Weekly or Fortnightly (30 minutes each)
+   Personalised Dietary Plan
+   Tailored Education & Resources