Sports Nutrition

Train Harder, Recover Quicker, Maximise Performance

Along with genetics and training, nutrition plays a fundamental role in sports performance. Our bodies are like machines in some ways, put quality fuel into the engine and it will be primed for an excellent performance; however, if you put lesser-quality fuel into the engine, performance can suffer.


From fuelling to recovery, muscle building to weight making. Optimal nutrition ensures the best platform for your sporting success, at whatever level you participate.


As an accredited sports dietitian, I love working with motivated people and helping them achieve their goals. Whether a professional athlete, a recreational athlete or weekend warrior, I will use my extensive knowledge and experience to help you fast track your results and reach your full potential.


The Sports Nutrition Program is a convenient packaged option which can be tailored to your specific sporting needs.


It can help you with:

  • Maximising energy levels

  • Pre-training and pre-event nutrition

  • Recovery nutrition

  • Event day nutrition

  • Achieving body composition goal

  • Evidence based sports supplements

Sports Nutrition Program

+   Health, Diet & Training Assessment
+   1 x Initial Dietitian Consultation (60 - 75 minutes)
+   2 x Review Dietitian Consultations (30 minutes each)
+   Personalised Dietary Plan
+   Tailored Education & Resources